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# Daily Thread Please use this thread to discuss anything and everything! This covers general questions about tickets and matchdays (pubs, transport etc.), club tactics/formations, player social media, football worldwide, rivals and other competitions, and everything ...

1990 – Mateo Kovačić had five tackles and created four chances against Canada, while maintaining 93% passing accuracy; the last player to equal or exceed every stat in a single World Cup match was Lothar Matthäus ...

[StatmanDave] Hakim Ziyech’s match in figures against Belgium: 54 touches, 9 ground duels won, 3/3 tackles won, 3 successful dribbles, 2 successful long balls, 2 assists, 1 assist. Brilliant performance from a classy ...

[StatmanDave] Mateo Kovacic’s game in numbers against Canada: 100% long balls completed 93% passing accuracy 57 touches 42 passes completed 7/10 ground duels won 5 tackles won 3 key passes 2 big chances created ...

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Video – ProxiTok Haters will say it’s fake. 😎 @threeuk #connectwith #cfc #chelsea Come around the team bus with Chilly! 🚍 #cfc #chelsea #whereveryougo #trivago #duet with @SureSportUK #finishthemove The provider x the finisher! Duet your attempts! 🪄 #cfc #chelsea