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Alex Ferguson Can’t Save This Chelsea Team! | Newcastle 1 – 0 Chelsea | Fan Cam (Sami)

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17 Answers

  1. Never heard so much rubbish in my life… The premier league is as strong as it's ever been just because arsenal are top all of a sudden it's a poor premier league? I'm a man UTD fan so I'm not trying to back arsenal but the premier league hasn't dropped in standard this season it's as hot and competitive as ever and if you don't compete you'll get left behind and that's exactly what's happening at Chelsea, that squad is stale there's so many players in that team that don't care a bit about the badge they just happy to pick up a pay cheque…

  2. Tbh I think your wrong about j5 he isn’t worth shit he can’t even switch the play clinically sorry but I don’t think he’s worth shit

  3. Tuchel didn’t get a chance to build a team he still had Frank Lampards team! & In the process of building finally you sack him! In that fashion as well including player power! I blame T.Bohley for appointing Potter & offering him 12million a year for 5 years = 60million contract of course he will say yes & of course he’s here for the money! Potter is not Chelsea level

    & Ted Bohley knows shit about football & ITS HIS FAULT! He has no class of what he did to TT after winning 3 🏆🏆🏆🫤 is ludacris and unacceptable! HE SHEGGED US AND TUCHEL DESERVED MORE TIME! Like what manager would want to come to Chelsea now on how we treat managers! Disgusting behaviour and no disrespect to Potter but he’s not that guy could of told you that from day one!!!!! Trash!!!!!!

  4. The team is built on wingbacks, creativity is coming from wingbacks, are we even serious? So when the wingbacks get injured we are screwed

  5. How does potter not know that the strikers need creative midfielders to get the ball up field? What is he been paid for? Chelsea last physicality, skill and finness in the middle. I miss fabregas for his vision, who plays like fabregas now in this Chelsea team? Nobody. We sitting outside even know more about the team than the coach. Aubameyang won't score if he's not getting the service, this is not rocket science.

  6. We have hyped these england players, they are swollen headed. Mason mount, luftus cheek, chillwell, Reece James. Me I think they all average. Chelsea need to buy the best players.

  7. Cap.. arteta won a fa with mustafi..David Luiz.. ceballos… and some kids

    Arteta would win the league with this Chelsea team

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