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Chelsea News | Potter behind the scenes LEAKS ! James fires SHOTS Southgate | Endrick wants EPL

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27 Answers

  1. One thing I noticed about this blogger is that he always blame the players that he hates,
    If you want people to start giving you those likes you always ask for in the beginning of your videos,
    Whether you like it or not those academy players you always blame whenever we lost are the players That got us a top four finish under Lampard when Chelsea could not sign players,
    Again they were very instrumental in our champions league win,
    Yes of course, sometimes Mount don’t do well enough but if you analyze the contribution of those so called academy players I rate them higher than people like Joginho and even matteo,
    Stop analyzing football with emotions, we are proud of our academy players.

  2. I support James not going to the world cup but comparing Reece with anyone else who plays the same wing is garbage and rubbish from a stinking mouth. Reece is the best in that position, period.

  3. You want to lose Ngolo Kante because of asking for genuine 3 years contract and think Kovacic and Jiorginho are best for Chelsea? You will kill Chelsea once Ngolo Kante is sold. After his injury or injuries, we are not the same. Sell Kovacic and Jiorginho and give Ngolo Kante what he is asking for, and meantime play Zakaria as DM. Mount and Gallagher are failing to show their skills because they mostly retreat to playing at the back to assist defending because of these two Kovacic and Jiorginho that don't up their game always. Hall is playing much much better than Kovacic and Jiorginho as if he has been in the senior team for many years that these two senior players. I don't know why the manager can't see this and change by benching them

  4. Please remember that Potter is a very intelligent man and Bohely and friends even more so. Potter knows after these few bad results the fans will be on his back shouting from the rooftops POTTER OUT.!!! The worse thing he can do is throw any of our players under the bus and start pointing fingers as that will cause even more worse results. If I was him I'd be getting inside these players head, finding out who's on board and who's not.. Who's good enough or who needs to go? that is the sole purpose why he was recruited for his man management skills. I give him another 6 weeks and he better not prove me wrong.

  5. Let's be honest with how we are playing now why would endrick want to join us while real Madrid n PSG are there,, Madrid known to poach south American talents,, PSG got neymar,mbappe,Messi,, Chelsea we have Silva but you just know the big boys in Madrid got this on lock somehow

  6. Love you mentioned Younes here. He made me know your channel last year and i subscribed here.

  7. As a Chelsea fan since 2004 I have accepted the fact that Chelsea needs complete restructuring and that takes time.Potter is the right man for the job.Lets learn from Arsenal and Arteta.Everyone used to laught at them but look at them now.Even Tuchel was now struggling with that team.Potter is a proven premier league manager ,he built that Brighton team on a very low budget.i absolutely believe in him .

  8. I don’t want Reece to go, I want him to stay and heal, he needs to slowly get back to fitness and gel into potters depressing system

  9. Who said Younes is unreliable? Watching him for a while, never ever said anything dodgy or any lies.

  10. Bruv, job way too big for Potter….he's not right for Chelsea!!! We need a PROPER MANAGER

  11. I'm not Potter out (yet), because of the upcoming transfer window and the possible return of some of the key players from injuries. However still doesn't change the fact that the results are poor. With whatever is forming behind the scenes, this will hopefully give them and Potter the opportunity to address as many issues as possible but, they must get them right.
    I'll give my position on whether I'm Potter in or out after the World Cup but, so far not impressed. Hopefully this break will give him a chance to get an idea on what he wants and to get the 'b***h' energy to deal with big players.

  12. Younes went for the kill. I follow him too and watched that video too. He wants Porter out. He mentioned 2 keys observations.

  13. Potter is a tool. Uses a stupid excuse saying Newcastle play 1 game a week. His excuses are as good as his tactics Newcastle played 3 games in 6 days last week 😆 sore loser

  14. If Endrick comes to Chelsea he will be dumped into the development squad and probably sold off to Southampton for £5 mil in a couple of years! His best option is Real Madrid. Go there and blossom mate.

  15. Why does potter keep picking RLC, is it me or does RLC seem to be hiding on the pitch. Ik we got problems all over the pitch but our midfield is shit atm and he is a huge reason why, what do you think Alex?

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