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Is Chelsea vs. Newcastle a MUST WIN for Graham Potter? | ESPN FC

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29 Answers

  1. We shouldn't be having these games so near the WC it risks players getting injured and also may bring in freak results

  2. Haven’t been this nervous about a Newcastle game in a while. I don’t want us to get beat at home before the World Cup.

  3. Paper bin cup. What about paper bin performance under his watch. This is the same guy who was slandering Chelsea on weekly basis now he's saying it's alright to be mediocre. What has changed out of a sudden. This burley guy is really strange.

  4. I like Craig but he’s doing a bit of a disservice to Tuchel. He got Chelsea to 2 finals in his first 6 months, winning one and losing the other. If memory serves, he got them to 2 finals in his second season, losing both on pens. The football wasn’t great but only Harry Potter could get those front players to score goals.

  5. Burley: “No he doesn’t have to win. Fortunately for him he’s British and works for an American owner who is happy with Pulisic jersey sales. Mind you had it been Mourihno or that Conte, I would be chewing their heads off. Look at how awful they’ve been at Roma and Tottenham. Not to mention Tuchel and the Paper Bin Cup. So to answer the question if Chelsea loses to Newcastle it because Mourihno made bad on field decisions at Manchester United while Potter was at university”.

  6. When they finally admit that "emperor" Potter has no close? And Burley needs to stop to be delusional just once for a change.

  7. For the record it's Newcastle United vs Chelsea. Not Chelsea vs Newcastle United. NUFC are the home team. You insufferable yank channel 😡

  8. 5:54:20 Let’s simply take a moment to appreciate how many time and passion he put on the videos?
    It is great, and I consider they deserve a lot more than that 🙃

  9. Definitely do not think we're up to it. With the way Newcastle have been performing, and how we've been in poor, sloppy form, I don't see us getting anything out of this game. Hopefully Chelsea can surprise me though

  10. About 10 games now
    I don't know Potter pattern of play
    Potter belong to mid table team

  11. Nwc's back 5 vs Tottenham cost 5m less than Harry Maguire.

    Midfield cost 6m less than Casemiro

    Front 3 cost 3m less than Antony.

    Conclusion: Man U is at very very, very bad at spending money

  12. Interviewer:Graham how do you access the defeat against Newcastle you are now winless in 4 games

    Graham Potter: The boys tried their best

  13. Small club Chelsea returning to where they really belong , even diehard Chelsea fans know in their heart that Chelsea are a small club but got lucky thanks to a Russian…

  14. Chelsea have no chance in this match, anyone who has been to St James under the lights recently knows this, easy Newcastle W

  15. Chelsea could really be put to the sword here (unless Newcastle feel bad for them lol) and here's why

    Eddie Howe is very very impressive for a long time and that is why him and his impressive team are on prowl now and about to take the league by storm. Here's some noteworthy victories this young coach have picked up in the past with Bournemouth.

    1. Beat Slaven Billic West Ham, at West Ham by a score of 3-4, with players such as current no 9 at Newcastle Wilson, Joshua King, Matt Richie, Gradel, Okane, Surman, Daniels, Cook, Elphick, Francis and Boric the keeper, round off the starting 11.

    That Slaven Bilic West Ham team was Noble, Obiang, Sahko, Payet, Nolan, Kouyate, Cresswell and Ogbonna. Wow. Great victory that right? Nah, It gets even more ridiculous bcuz that was just a warmer.

    2. Bournemouth beat Chelsea in London 0-1 and that Chelsea team was Hazard, Pedro, Willian, Oscar, Fabregas, Matic, Cahill, Zouma, Costa etc. Are you kidding me? Howe was 38 at this time.

    3. Immediately after beating Chelsea with Bournemouth, Eddie Howe's Bournemouth went home and defeat Manchester United 2-1 the next game.

    4. Beat Liverpool 4-3. That Liverpool team was Mane, Firmino, Wijnaldum, Henderson, Can, Origi, Milner, Clyne, Lovren.

    5. Went to Anfield for the 2nd game of that season and drew Liverpool in an enthralling 2-2 game. Bournemouth finished 9th that year. That's actually remarkable.

    6. Beat Arsenal 2-1.

    7. Thrash Chelsea again in London this time by a score of 0-3. That Chelsea team had Kante, Rudiger, Azpilicueta that time

    8. Hammer 🔨 Chelsea again by a score of 4-0. That Chelsea team had Kante, Kovacic and Jorginho in midfield. In defense was Luiz, Rudiger and Azpilicueta.

    10. Beat Tottenham 1-0.

    Bournemouth made the quarterfinals of the EFL cup that year and lost by 1 goal to Chelsea.

    11. Beat Man U again in 19/20 and beat Chelsea

    So here we see that Howe is a fantastic coach and this could be really a spanking tomorrow

  16. Graham Potter is a failure coaching an overrated Club. Chelsea will be lucky to finish top6 this season lol

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