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Chelsea Football Club

Manchester City 2-0 Chelsea | Highlights | EFL Cup

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47 Answers

  1. A good loser is still a loser. They need a ruthless manager, not someone who wants to be friends with everyone.

  2. For a player who barely got any minutes this season Ziyech did pretty good, I think he deserves more play time, he surely will be leaving this winter though

  3. This clip looks pretty good. If the finishing was better we could have had a different outcome. The issue of finishing seems to be problem that has haunted us for far too long.

  4. The team needs 2 quality strikers, some wingers,1 DM, 2 cbs, 2 fullbacks to get back to title contenders

  5. we all knew this about ziyech very talanted see the chances that he created, he deserves more game time I dont know when will managers put their egos aside and deploy the players accurately dont let ziyech go he is gem he is on bench all these games.. what a waste of talent.. i know english media hypes toooo much about potter i dont think he is any where close to lampard or tuchel he is not handling the players well,,,

  6. Luftus central defense kikikiki.. azip just thought twice told luftus to play behind him so he could try make some crosses.. u would have removed luftus and leave chaloba in the defense.. the very big reason y we are not scoring z because the midfield is not providing good balls to our strikers.. this potter is always trying things instead of coming up a first team.. m sure TT is watching

  7. From having a manager that won the UCL, Super Cup, Club World Cup, to now getting a manger that lost to his former team (which is BRIGHTON) and is in 7th

  8. อยากให้มีกองหน้าโหดๆบ้าง💙💙💙

  9. Hope Potter can now see the importance of Ziyech in our attack and the use of wingers. This 4-3-3 formation template might give him an idea with the current players in the team:

    Sterling (Pulisic). Aubameyang (Broja). Ziyech (Loftus-cheek).

    Mount (Kante). Havertz (Kovacic).

    Zakaria (Jorginho).

    Chilwell (Cucurella). Koulibaly (Chalobah). Silva (Fofana). James (Azpi).

    Mendy (Kepa).

  10. We are not ready to compete at all, what are those ridiculous chances missed. The one from pulisic and Hall, we can't keep doing this. Goals get you results not possession. I'm glad we're out cause I know if we get to the finals we would probably bottle it and we are not in even in the condition to be having extra games infact.

  11. graham potter 👎👎👎👎😡
    Hakim ziyech 🧙‍♂️💪🦁🇲🇦

  12. ziyech need to go tottenham or another team .
    they dont appreciate him in chelsea .
    8 match in the bench .
    and when he played well this match he got subbed he didnt play full time !!!!!

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