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Chelsea Football Club

Manchester United 1-3 Chelsea | WSL Highlights

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37 Answers

  1. I love Sam Karr she should be in the men's team, she is a superb finisher in the box

  2. Take these ladies to go play premier league and bring those loftus-cheek guys to come play wsl

  3. Women’s highlights should last longer than Mens. They actually play way better football and are more clinical

  4. Maybe the first team need to have a look at the effort and passion the womens team put in and we might start getting some results

  5. Hey fan's
    Should in case you guys want to invest in cryptocurrency and get 100% profitable send a direct message to him 👆💬

  6. Our ladies are the only ones giving us a glimpse of hope and the main reason why some of us are still with the team, as well as the youth team.

  7. Women complain they don't get paid enough when they should be thanking God they even get paid at all. I've seen better games at pee wee level for boys

  8. The commentator at the beginning "it was heading in" even tho it was at least 2 feet over the bar lmfao this "Super league" sure is super hahahahahahahahaga

  9. I wonder, is it because of "James", Chelsea men have different result than women lately? sungguh terwelu:)))

  10. The only Chelsea players that don't disappoint even the academy players are disappointing at times

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