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Soccer Family

MOTD Newcastle vs Chelsea 1-0 Graham Potter MUST be Sacked after World Cup 🔥 All Reactions HD

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18 Answers

  1. Michael Owen, Ferdinand and Gary are busy setting the next TEST for Arsenal 🤣🤣🤣🕺💃

  2. Todd boehly to blame not Graham Potter, sacking best manger and stealing a manager from other team, this is United kingdom mate, American style not working here

  3. Chelsea is not a basketball team .
    Sacking coaches is not a solution
    We don't have players able to make difference. Just full of flops

  4. As a toon fan, Potter is the last person to blame. Chelsea is a graveyard for manager's and they never learn…and includes some very successful manager's that didn't need sacking….Graham Potter was mad for taking the job and probably will be sacked early in the new year if results don't improve. Good luck, but it's looking like a slippery slope if it's alway's going to be just the manager's fault. We knew who had to go for our turnaround to happen and luckily the cancer Cashley did like the dicky birds and flocked off.

  5. Chelsea were so afraid of the Toon team, at one or more stages they had 11 players in the box or the Too. Would have scored 6 more goals in my opinion. How way the lads.

  6. I don’t mind giving time to the right coach TT should have never been let go that was the worst thing Todd could have done

  7. Best show on tv by far love it shearer you're doing really good love the way you explain the game top men keep it up alan what a man love ya alan david lawson ☝👍👏

  8. That intro is reminiscent of my favorite of all time… the Setanta FA Cup intro from years ago. The audio for this one is not as good tho 😬

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