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Newcastle one of hardest teams to play, alarming Chelsea game Post match Newcastle vs Chelsea

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22 Answers

  1. Why wouldn't you consider Nufc as contenders? They havent looked like losing all season. Robbed of a 2nd goal and excessive injury time at liVARpool for the only defeat.

  2. Ain't it funny when a team loses to Newcastle its because they played shit not that newcastle played good

  3. We did a job on them penned them in should have had a penalty and referee was doing everything he could for Chelsea

  4. Love the way he smirks arrogantly as he asks the question..
    What a funny little man he is

  5. The irony is stark ..New Castle Arabia is the new Chelski. Nothing like a new Wealthy owner bounce.

  6. Most of Chelsea’s possession was in their own half. Most of Newcastles possession was in the Chelsea half. Sky commentary was great this & great that for every thing connected to Chelsea. BBC in their summoning up just could not help themselves either by saying both clubs had been taken over but Newcastle had the advantage of having been taken over six months earlier. Have they forgotten that Newcastle were bottom and destined for relegation at that time 😮

  7. This league are so brainwashed about the big 6… Now another team comes along they don't know how to admit their is a new team around

  8. Chelsea weren't that poor tbf. Could of come away with a point. There's no shame in that. Newcastle are a top four team that have only lost once this season.

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