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Newcastle United

Newcastle United 1 Chelsea 0 | EXTENDED Premier League Highlights

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46 Answers

  1. can already tell almaron will be a newcastle legend for the future winning multiple titles

  2. I am a Chelsea fan and Chelsea deserved to lose they played like shit…. I think the squad needs a reshuffle and get rid of some players…… Great win Newcastle I had said earlier this year and the end of last season that you guys will be the dark horse that will upset the prem and its becoming obvious

  3. This club is the best unreal eddie what a man only young what you are doing here is top notch honest I was wrong think you've proved any doubters with out a dowt so calm etc what a future hey barca be In for you soon eddie 😊 what a lovely man too all yous confidence rite thru time for a trophy eh 👌 thanks eddie all yous keep good work up lads be some top players wanting come play for you and ritely so God can't belive how well yous doing so pleased good times are well and truly coming back keep it up have a lovely xmas eddie all my luck top man what a future were in for and we deserve evry minute of it thank you yous wish I could play for you 41 but think a cud still get a few ☺ honest what a man love it keep it up lads david lawson 👍☝🔙🔛🔝🏆.

  4. Arsenal DISCARD JOE WILLOCK is a star for Newcastle. Can't wait to play them. COYG…😭😭😂😂😂😂

  5. it’s time to buy solid CDM , also to give bruno some freedom in the front .
    Longstaff is the the weakness and lowest quality in the team besides the leftback bran

  6. Bahagia melihat permainan New Castle yang solid, pemain harus selalu mempertahankan ini, jangan dulu bicara Juara Liga tapi masuk UCL musim depan rasanya bukan mimpi yang muluk

  7. เก่งมากๆนะจ้ะทีมนิวคาสเชิ่ล

  8. 5:18 Joelinton what are you doing. ? why do you give the ball to the opponent, are you color blind?, if the Newcastle United outfit/jersey is not blue…😬😡

  9. ‘Fortiter Defendit Triumphans’ – Strongly Defends Triumphant 🖤🤍 That banner with our defenders pictured on it, absolutely beautiful! 🧱🪨

  10. Hahaha Chelsea has become an underdog here😆😆😆 If not the world cup erh anka Chelsea will forget the top four and be eyeing for Europa or Conference…

  11. It seems the football fans have excluded Newcastle from the EPl title contenders oo…It can be like Leicester 😆😆😆

  12. Like my prediction yesterday, it should be 2:0, 4:42 because there is a hands ball in the Chelsea penalty box, but the referee seems afraid to give a penalty, because this is a big match, he is looking for safety, try if it's not Chelsea, I think it's a penalty, btw I have to give my appreciation to goalkeeper Nick Pope, his save was amazing, but if he wasn't used by the England team in Qatar, it would be even better for the club because he wasn't injured, for Willock's goal, this is a great collaboration between him and Almiron , like my previous comment, Forward and midfilders must often create chaos in the opponent's penalty box, the result after dozens of tries, finally there is one goal also created, Amazing Willock, now he is an important figure for the club approaching Almiron, Wilson, Bruno, 5 defenders and goalkeeper Nick Pope, Congratulations Willock…💚😍😙just waiting for Jacob Murphy to perform, he also has great talent..

  13. Whilst its nice to see the commemorative stuff, I kind of hoped that you would use the 10 minutes to fill it with highlights of the game. I've noticed every week theres at least 2-3 minutes of pregame and halftime amble leaving little room for actual game highlights.

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