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21 Answers

  1. Who do we go for, Lavia or Caicedo, coz it can't be both. Its either or. I thought Caicedo was ahead of Lavia.

  2. That deal will not happen. South American players usually prefer Spain or Italy as destination to start their career. It will happen only if Barca and Madrid are not interested. I remember we were in the race for Naymer, but he ended up in Barcelona. Chelsea need a miracle for this deal to happen. IMO

  3. It's all well and good. Getting these top talented players to play up front. But unless we sign a top creative midfielder in the likes of debruyner or fabregas . Am fearing they will fopp. Because mount or havertz ain't cutting it for me.

  4. Still need 3 new central mids… current mids are 6-7 years old. need to refresh.. Tielemens, Rice, Nunes (wolves)

  5. Keep up the good work Nini beautiful content we lack motivation intensity but we ll rise Hall was so brilliant against Man city we need to see more of him

  6. For me, Nkunku, LEAO, Jude, Rice, Gvardiol, then we can start competing..
    Let's not dream about Endrick, the same thing happened with Neymar when he was still a teenager and Abramovich tried to sign him. Brazilians have proven to be attracted to Spanish and Italian leagues than Epl.

  7. Terrible transfer business year after year catches up with you eventually: Bakayoko, Drinkwater, Kepa, Pulisic, Werner, Ziyech, Lukaku etc. All money thrown away.

    Jury is out on signings this season, but Koulibaly looks lost, Sterling after a good start is struggling, Cucurella is OK, but we overpaid massively. Can anyone tell me what Havertz is? – i think he needs direction to mould him into something more effective.

    We still need massive investment in CM, CF, RB.

  8. Don't think we can sign Endrick,all of these brazilians want to go to Barca or Real

  9. In Chelsea football Club we play players out of position, it's a Chelsea thing ☺️

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