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Chelsea Football Club

Shooting Drills & Broja vs Zakaria | Chelsea Unseen | Presented by trivago

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42 Answers

  1. I think Raheem and RLC should have stayed behind and worked out what they get paid for

  2. Please put us out of our collective misery and jettison Potter back to the plains of mediocrity from whence he hails

  3. Finally shooting drill, they needed that after these terrible shots in last games

  4. I’d love to hear the thoughts of CHELSEA fans on Gallagher making the England squad and Loftus-Cheek missing out?

  5. I want to see a whole new lineup tomorrow, last PL game before world cup, nothing much to lose, let's try something new

  6. Happy to see Hall and Hutchinson training with the lads hopefully one of em start tommorow and let's get this final win before the World Cup

  7. Don't want to see no laughing and joking. Your letting the club down. Embarrassing performances from most of them. Let Tuchel down and now Potter.

  8. I started laughing immediately when I saw Cucurella, I remember him holding Xhaka against Arsenal. While watching the ball going in.

  9. Whatever we doing it ain’t good enough because we getting bodied out there!

  10. With the way I see dis na loss abi if AWA head good we fit play draw.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  11. Well done guys best of luck against Newcastle……. Raheem stealing bicycle kick 🀣🀣

  12. I'm glad they decided to worl on finishing from pull backs, because what I've been seeing from Pulisic in those positions has been shocking at times.

  13. We're losing again,Potter out,Todd and Potter was only brought yo destroy Chelsea but demma plans all won't work.

  14. Am atrue Chelsea fun This training is light is not hard ,tmr we may it see another losss against new castle, any London is blue

  15. Well done guys…. we need to have the mentality of wining games. We can't avoid to lose

  16. Every training session should comprise of 90% shooting drills until further notice.

  17. How boring watching 2 players trying to keep the ball up for 5 minutes is the training really that poor

  18. Do shooting drills with pressure. With players pressing or trying to win back the ball or something. These lot panic when that happens in game

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