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The honeymoon IS OVER for Graham Potter at Chelsea – Dan Thomas | ESPN FC

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30 Answers

  1. Potter is useless. No passion, no short term plan to win and as for long term who knows. They are not pushing the players properly.

  2. Potter is just not the right man for Chelsea! Until we sacked him things 2ill never change!

  3. Sacking Tuchel is one of the worst football decisions of recent times. Chelsea was going through a rough patch under tuchel but if any manager could turn it around it was tuchel. Chelsea used to have possession and keep the ball…… make chances but couldn’t finish. They also pressed and had intensity most of the time. Tuchel would make do with the players he had. Potter has no clue what he is doing and I have seen no progress under him at all to suggest things will change. His first wins were luck and Chelsea were open in those games and could have lost them. Now their luck has run out and they are being punished every game. The players all look lost and can’t hold onto the ball for more than 2 secs and they just constantly play the long ball forward. Truly EMBARRASSING

  4. In all honest i don't feel like potter is good enough in the long run, i know this is reactionary but am just saying. Should have gotten an interim until the world cup is over or maybe the summer and get a more experience manager. united fan btw…. what are yall thoughts on this Chelsea team

  5. Quiz: where fish starts rotten from 1st?
    Now compare 1st hiring by Roman and boiehly.
    Hunger,swagger,ambition versus medioucrity and pathetic "trust the process" excuse.
    Burley himself would rebel against Potter in his playing days.
    Who wants to play for this loser?

  6. When every game you say the other team was the better side, there’s a problem. And that problem is Potter.

  7. craig not even paying attention, cucu was ill yesterday or this week if im not mistaken. now does this change the feeling around potter right now, no. but they just need to give him time. missing so many starters. hasnt had his own transfer window yet. they just forget that reece, ng, chilly, etc are not playing. just blind comments from these pundits

  8. Todd Boehly's biggest mistake was sacking Tuchel. He's clueless as football owner.

  9. Tuchel is watching and he laughing! Serve your right Todd & his chosen one potter the village coach!

  10. Chelsea have to many average players Loftus,That curly haired left back,that yank.
    The best wing backs both injured.
    Havartz has gone off the boil.
    Mount was coasting so he didn't get injured

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