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There is still no agreement between Chelsea and N’Golo Kanté to sign a new contract. He is happy in London, but nothing is agreed. 🚨🔵 #CFC The feeling is that Kanté has a serious chance of leaving as a free agent in June – also until new administrators. (Fabrizio Romano)

There is still no agreement between Chelsea and N’Golo Kanté to sign a new contract. He is happy in London, but nothing is agreed. 🚨🔵 #CFC The feeling is that Kanté has a serious chance of leaving as a free agent in June – also until new administrators. (Fabrizio Romano)

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28 Answers

  1. One of the greats and a club legend for sure. But time has taken it’s toll and his injuries keep him out at least half of our games. It’s okay to let the man go for free if it helps him to find a club that wants him and a club that he wants. If anyone It’s Kante that deserves it.

  2. Pains me to say it, but unless after this injury he returns to full fitness until the end of the season, I think its time to start planning for life without him. Possibly the best midfielder on the planet on his day, but that day is too infrequent now and it hurts us not being able to select him. I think it may be time to look for his replacement. God it hurts to say that!

  3. He can’t be relied upon to stay fit. It’s awful but his body just isn’t holding up.

  4. Well Kante all good things come to an end its not end either of us wanted but its what we got, thank you for everything and good luck at PSG(no PL club and definitely no Barcelona).

  5. We must keep Kante at all costs, he has to be in my top 5 all time favourite Chelsea players ever.

  6. 1 legged Kante is still better than most midfielders, however the no legged Kante we’ve had for awhile now if a different story

  7. The best ability is availability. A Chelsea legend no doubt but you pay players world class money to provide consistent world class play and he can’t deliver that anymore. Hope he stays but we can’t justify that kind of money on someone who can’t play two games in a row

  8. Kante is the glue. Daft to want him gone because of *wages*. It’s not your money.

  9. Love the guy and I’ll always see him as a top tier chelsea legend, but it’s his time to go. If you factor in his availability he may as well be a 550k p/w player, and there’s nothing to reasonably suggest his injury record will improve in the next few years.

  10. As much as I love Kante I think it’s time to let him leave.
    He is too injury-prone and missed more matches every year he is on big wages as well.

    One of the very best midfielder in PL history.

  11. People always want our players to stay loyal to the club. But are not willing to show the same loyalty to players.

    You know how you demonstrate the club is loyal to players?

    Not letting a legendary midfielder go for FREE because he gets hurt………………

    Idk why any player would be willing to stay loyal to Chelsea if the club were to act so callously as many in here are requesting all due to injuries received while serving the club…….

    There are so many consequences to just letting Kante go this summer on free than just getting an injury prone player off the wage bill.

    He’s a massive presence in the locker room even tho he’s quiet and he’s definitely a leader. He also walks into every teams best 11 the world

    We’d not only be losing a talent on the pitch, a personality off the pitch, but we’d be treating a legend callously imo all because of injuries. This would set a terrible precedent by the new ownership.

    We going to let James go for free too because he’s been getting injured?

    Literally the only argument anyone has is injuries and wages.

    Wages would be made up by any fee we could ultimately sell him for. And if not his impact in cups would earn us more by going further. If he only played the champions league and made anywhere close to impact he did the last couple years. He’s easily helping us reach an additional round which makes money…

    There’s a high chance we get a fit Kante next year. We did just replace our mendical staff. Who knows what will be done differently…… I really really hope we don’t let him go

    He’s also super humble and a young talent could only benefit from his presence for a year or two

  12. Kante is elite and world class whenever he is fit. Crucial to all of our trophies since he joined and he’s willing to retire with the club. I say we give him what he asks.

  13. People here wanting to give 3 years to a guy who is never healthy just because he is a good dude. You’ll complain next window when the don’t sign X player either. Probably will complain when they do sign X player. And will probably complain if they do re-sign Kante.

  14. I’d renew him (obv on a lower contract) with a fair release clause that lets him walk if somebody offers him a good contract and we can get some cash on him.. Lets not forget he’s a world class player when fit.

  15. Contrary to a lot of opinions on here, I feel sticking by him and giving him another year is the right thing to do. From a business perspective, maybe not. But for someone that`s had the impact that he`s had, he deserves support in such a terrible time. I don`t believe this is it for him.

  16. Let him go. He isn’t helping from the bench. He’s been brilliant as a Blue but he’s getting up there.

  17. His injury record for past 3 seasons is woeful and he is on 250-300K p/w…

  18. Love him, but it’s best for the club he leaves in the summer. He’s going to miss, at a minimum, half of this season due to muscle injuries. His injuries aren’t going to get better with age. His inability to stay on the pitch + very high wage demands and a 4 year contract is a recipe for regret.

  19. Reminds me off Essien (my favourite Chelsea player at the time) tbh. Both incredible but both have been hindered badly due to injuries, fan favourites but it’s best to move on.

  20. As evidenced by my username i fucking love this guy.

    But unless he stays fit the remainder of the season and somehow gives us an indication that his injuries are not gonna be as frequent and he retires from France NT, he should not be given a contract longer than 2 years OR he should accept a appearance based wage.

  21. Offer him a reasonable contract with a ton of performance-based bonuses. If he plays a lot of games, then he can earn £300k+ but it can’t be guaranteed.

  22. I’d honestly let him go. He’s been incredible for us over the years but he can’t play 2 games in a row anymore without something going wrong.

    He’s on 290k a week so I’d get that off the books and try and get Rice in the summer.

  23. Ideally, keeping Kante would be imperative if there were signs his injuries could be sorted. I’d rather have 60min of Kante than no Kante, and with 5 subs that’s more possible than ever. It can’t be understated how important Kante has been for Chelsea and the identity of the team. Our midfield is not same without him. It’s as noticeable as losing RJ on the right or Chilwell on the left. Wherever he goes, when fit, that team will be improved. And if he goes, it better be outside the premier league. Kante is not a player to turn over to a rival in the league, that’s a risky gamble even for 1 good season.

  24. I love him. He’s on Hazard level in terms of chelsea legacy. But the injury record is too damning to keep him on the wage bill.

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