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Transfer Tier List Survey – Summer ’22

Hi everyone, It’s time again to check out our popular transfer sources and new additions. This survey is done after each transfer window when the dust has settled and the scales of each “Here we go” versus “✅TRUE” can be balanced. Please review the points below and then vote on the sources in the last section. Any source can be interviewed, please leave a comment if you would like to initiate an investigation for someone who is not listed. The latest rumor guide can be found [here]( in the sidebar on mobile and in the header on old.reddit. It contains a changelog of our past reviews and edits. – **Level definitions:** – Level 1 represents a trusted source These are sources that will almost never leak false information.- Level 2 is a source that is mostly reliable. Such sources are likely to get some details incorrect over a period of a window or two, but are generally – Level 3 is a source that is mostly unreliable. These sources throw shit at the wall, and sometimes something sticks. – Level 4 sources are unreliable. These are Twitter ITKs, The S *n, and everything else in between.- **A few other reminders:** – A high level source doesn’t require one who is constantly breaking news.The Rumor Guide ranks our sources by accuracy, not by speed – New sources will be by default on T2 unless queried. – Publications may be queried in the rare event a rumor is written without a signature. – Sources can be queried as community queries. Please leave a comment below and I’ll create a poll for them. – **Source Polls** *Please ask for any other sources you wish to poll in the comments below*. – [New] Ben Jacob | [Poll]( | [Sub Posts]( – – [T1] Nizaar Kinsella | [Poll]( | [Sub Posts]( – – [T1] Gerard Romero | [Poll]( | [Sub Posts]( – – [T2] fabrice romano | [Poll]( | [Sub Posts]( – – [T2] christian falk | [Poll]( | [Sub Posts]( – – [T2] Picture | [Poll]( | [Sub Posts]( – – [T3] BildSport | [Poll]( | [Sub Posts]( – – [T1] Matt Law | [Poll]( | [Sub Posts]( – – [T3] Simon Phillips | [Poll]( | [Sub Posts]( – – [New] Nathan Gising | [Poll]( | [Sub Posts]( – – [New] Adam Newson | [Poll]( | [Sub Posts]( –

Related Questions

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30 Answers

  1. Simon Philips is a Twitter aggregator of other peoples news. Occasionally he masquerades some of this as his own but he isn’t a ‘source’

  2. As far as I’m concerned, Romero should be fine in Tier 2, put him on Tier 3 is just a silly hate towards him.

    And Ben Jacobs is relatively new and he just repeating other people story, his not even have a balls to jump the gun like Fabrizio… Give him T2 is just wrong, need to see one or couple more transfer window to get him Tier flair. I prefer him as ‘Unranked Source’

  3. Fabrizio at tier 0.

    Dude confirmed Cucurella when Brighton denied it lmao

  4. Ben Jacobs should be lucky to get Tier 3. It’s clear his contacts were only on the business side as he had some info during the sale but beyond that he knows nothing.

  5. Do not let Ben Jacobs be a Tier 2. He should be Tier 3. He flung enough shit at the wall during the summer to make something stick. He was good for the takeover but hasn’t been good since. Do not confuse knowledge about takeover and knowledge about transfer market.

  6. Jacobs is very reliable with the business stuff, but not so much on the player side.

  7. How Ben Jacobs is getting voted for t2 is beyond me. Never the first to report anything, always posts a load of waffle perfectly phrased to give himself an out if he ends up being wrong. Great for the takeover, but pretty poor for anything transfer related.

  8. Nathan Gissing add to poll,
    Adam Newson add to poll
    And Jesus christ what are you guys doing voting Ben Jacos tier 2, he is shite

  9. Why can Nizaar only be demoted to T2..Mods get your arse from is bossom that guy is as reliable as Old Moe down the pub. He should be T3.

  10. How the fuck has Ben Jacobs scammed T2 he literally just rehashed other people’s stories

  11. I’m just here to downgrade that clown Romero to tier 3, next summer we go for tier 4. Fucking twerking clown.

  12. Personally I would let Bild sport as Tier 2 ONLY if its a German (Bundesliga) team. Outside the Bundesliga = tier 3

  13. Ben Jacobs shouldn’t be any higher than T3, comes across as a business reporter trying to break into football, hence why he appears on every football podcast on YouTube it seems. Waffles way too much about topics where he doesn’t say anything that hasn’t already been reported on his best days and gets things wrong on his worst. Just throws shit at a wall and hopes it sticks.

  14. Nizaar Kinsella is still tier 1?
    Since the owners change he is all over the place.

    Ben Jacobs is more reliable than him.

    And Fabrizio Romano should be tier 1.
    It’s very surprising for me he is still in 2.

  15. The guide lists Dom Fifield as writing for The Guardian, and I believe is at The Athletic now. (I’m not suggesting he be added to the poll, just noting his current spot.)

  16. There should be one on Simon Phillips too imo. He was pretty reliable last season.

  17. u/Vicar13

    Where is Nathan gissing and Adam newson

    they both work for lame companies but newson is physically present to ask Tuchel/potter questions pre and post match, also breaks training ground and lineup news

    Gissing is a young guy but has good sources around the club

    I feel like both can be introduced to at least Tier 3, perhaps Tier 2

    Social wall
    News feed