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Younes Talks Football

Where Are The Goals Going to Come From? | Newcastle United vs Chelsea Preview

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42 Answers

  1. If we want to create chances, Potter should start Pulsing and Chukuemeka , and Aubuyangi up front.midfield should go with Kova and Zakaria.

  2. The quality is not there. Ziyech was the best player last game and he is leaving in January. That says a lot.

  3. Big up Younes! I appreciate the honesty! I don't think we need to see the lads training to know exactly what to expect in this game. Our team is in total chaos and let's be real, what to expect from this? As a fellow Brazilian, I would hope that Thiago Silva wouldn't play this game so he avoids injuries. At this point I am just like most CFC players, with their head is not in this game but in the World Cup. I just hope we don't get humiliated by New Castle. Once the WC is over, let's recess and hopefully have a better plan. My prediction is New Castle 3 – 0 Chelsea. Not confident at all!

  4. Bruno g and joelinton is an example of a world class midfield partnership that chelsea should take example of

  5. Are u really mad to pick – Mason Mount in this team… if he plays our wingers and attackers will fail.

    Those who agree with me hit like here

  6. It’s gonna be insanity to play players who are going to the World Cup. They will never show up and play with intensity and that’s suicidal.

  7. If I see Kai in that squad tomorrow chelsea are going to lose…. This manager will make the same mistake again… We need manager that read media and people's mind

  8. Younes WTH😂, at least a draw pls or a narrow win, but loosing is not an option. Come on you blues💪

  9. Is it amazing how quickly Chelsea's disintegrated on the pitch and off the pitch under new management?
    Best outcome would be last game under toothless Potter regime.

    Chelsea’s Potter 😂😂😂
    Players >>>>> Potter and that's why Potter is worried about the players get angery with him.
    Sterling can get Potter sacked and that is a fact
    Poor Hall won't be able to play coz Potter doesn't fear him..
    If I was Hall, I would literally let Potter to play me or leave in January and that is a decent request from Hall coz he is better than all the midfielders

  11. Younes bro, we are losing against Newcastle united cause we are far away from what Chelsea FC represent on the pitch, unless we magically play exceptionally well, then we may have a chance, but the form Newcastle are in, my brother we have know chance at all period

  12. I agree with the line up u selected, but potter let's be real, that line up is on the top shelf and potter can't get to it, I have a feeling I'll be angry after the match like the previous 4-5 games, same old story, i strongly feel we should play a back 4 for the love of God, how come potter and tuchel's tactics have the same effect on the players, sluggish and annoying, it's becoming worst by every game… Newcastle will Bury us tomorrow if we keep playing with the same attitude. If the boys can't beat a Newcastle, I Don't see anything positive.. And if the lads aren't performing, bring on the academy boys let's know we are watch inexperience players, and I kw they won't disappoint.

  13. This match preview is perfect and capable of wining Newcastle but GP won't use this. The man is Socks

  14. Almiron and Saint-Maximin will run rings around us, I’m afraid Newcastle will demolish us with their high press and motivated crowd pushing them on like they always do against us. Worried this could end up 3-0

  15. GP I don't know why he always playing back 3 instead of back 4. This is why I said GP is an average coach trust me. He's going to mess thing's up tomorrow

  16. Newcastle know how to sign good players. And they all know how to score upfront. Whenever Chelsea hold the ball they are sleep thinking 🤔 😴 🙄 even one on one they can't score. That's crazy. Chelsea games this days are tired to watch

  17. They are going to win us…. I head that GP recieve warning ⚠️ latter. So I think if he lose tomorrow against Newcastle that's the END

  18. Respectfully Younes, as much as I would love to know what goes on in the sessions, you can’t reveal too much because of the reasons you mentioned and it could have implications for future games post World Cup. So it would be best to not dig deep and explain anything possibly until the final game of the season.

  19. True talk younes. Where are the goals want to come from. From who? Because it look like nobody can score there aren't good upfront

  20. I would not play Kouli, because if you do you’re telling him it’s ok that an experienced defender doesn’t bother to jump against an opponent’s free kick when in the wall, what he did was schoolboy stuff

  21. Just tell Zakaria you don't have to play, but make sure Bruno does not play as well.

  22. I can't see Potter still being in charge by time we play Champions League round of 16.

  23. The problem with Chelsea is , we overpay for the names that are circulating in the market & we expect them to win championships for us. The reason we won CL was because of T silva, Kante , R James & Rudiger. Now the club is filled with crape players. We should be focusing more on French & Brazilian youth players.

  24. That is a good Chelsea line up against Newcastle mate. . But I don't think Potter is bold enough to try it. He will go with 3 at the back.

  25. This will be a difficult game to win for us and as a chelsea fan I think we will be beaten by newcastle.

  26. Potter took all the ambition and aims we have for this season and just took us under construction damn that hurts🥺… We getting slapped like Hell🚩these days, Arsenal and Newcastle are relegating CFC from being a top 6 club.

  27. Younes asking for passion and grilling from Potter on the sideline, unfortunately Potter is not that type of guy, look at his press conferences, great if you want to be a poker player not great if you need to show your players how much you care

  28. Carlo ancelotti doesn't once stand on touchline screaming and shouting at his players. Just gives the eyebrow and shit changes.

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