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Your weekly /r/ChelseaFC roundup for the week of November 14-November 20

**Monday November 14 to Sunday November 20** ###Top Highlights | scores | comments | title & link | |–|–|–| | 401 | [30 comments](/r/chelseafc/comments/yww5bx/lets_take_a_look_at_some_interesting_goals_from/) | `[Highlights]` [Let’s take a look at some interesting goals from Gary Cahill. Thank You Skippooo!!!]( | 152 | [58 comments](/r/chelseafc/comments/yvufra/the_smart_attacking_trio/) | `[Highlights]` [The smart attacking trio]( | 53 | [2 comments](/r/chelseafc/comments/z0ceyd/chelsea_women_penalty_vs_spurs/) | `[Highlights]` [Chelsea Women penalty vs Spurs]( | 34 | [15 comments](/r/chelseafc/comments/yzkh9q/if_at_first_you_dont_succeed_try_try_again_ziyech/) | `[Highlights]` [If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again – Ziyech Half-Way Shots]( | 26 | [6 comments](/r/chelseafc/comments/yw757c/this_past_weekend_at_st_james_park_from_the/) | `[Highlights]` [This past weekend at St. James Park from the Leazes Stand]( ###Top 5 posts | score | comments | title and link | |–|–|–| | 1,390 | [56 comments]( | `[Legends & Former Players]` [Just former teammates having a laugh.]( | 1,195 | [74 comments]( | `[Legends & Former Players]` [Gary Cahill announces his retirement. What a player!]( | 1,193 | [22 comments]( | `[Legends & Former Players]` [Gary Cahill: Fastest player in Premier League history to win every major trophy with a club – Enjoy your retirement!]( | 1,114 | [72 comments](/r/chelseafc/comments/yw0spx/i_think_the_brighton_fascination_is_going_too_far/) | `[Meme]` [I think the Brighton fascination is going too far]( | 1080 | [46 comments](/r/chelseafc/comments/yvoglf/potter_in/) | `[Meme]` [Potter In]( ###Top 5 Comments | score | comment | |–|–| | 755 | /u/Hazards-Rabona said [I’m excited for the conference league trophy to complete our set](/r/chelseafc/comments/yzhumf/what_chelsea_opinion_will_have_you_like_this/ix02l5z/?context=5) | | 736 | /u/Bodvar23 said [I think Kai Havertz is going become a world class player one day but not at Chelsea](/r/chelseafc/comments/yzhumf/what_chelsea_opinion_will_have_you_like_this/iwzzus4/?context=5) | | 501 | /u/Cherrytapper said [Chelsea DNA](/r/chelseafc/comments/ywb595/fabrizio_romano_breaking_christopher_nkunku_will/iwil1bx/?context=5) | | 450 | /u/souljaxl said [biggest issue is simply that our two best midfielders are both injury prone. If we could have Kante+Kova available for 30-40 games a season our midfield would be fine imo.](/r/chelseafc/comments/yxna76/midfield_options_from_6_seasons_without_a_title/iwpgv1k/?context=5) | | 368 | /u/kennetht84 said [RLC is not good enough to take one of the center mid places](/r/chelseafc/comments/yzhumf/what_chelsea_opinion_will_have_you_like_this/ix014n0/?context=5) |

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  1. If you would like this roundup sent to your reddit inbox every week send me a message with the subject [‘chelseafc’](https://www.reddit.com/message/compose?to=subredditsummarybot&subject=chelseafc&message=x). Or if you want a daily roundup, use the subject [‘chelseafc daily’](https://www.reddit.com/message/compose?to=subredditsummarybot&subject=chelseafc%20daily&message=x). Or send me a chat with either chelseafc or chelseafc daily.

    ####Please let me know if you have suggestions to make this roundup better for /r/chelseafc or if there are other subreddits that you think I should post in. I can search for posts based off keywords in the title, URL and flair. And I can also find the top comments overall or in specific threads.

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